Meet Kingston Kane:

Kingston Kane is a 4-piece rock band from the Hudson Valley. Formed in 2019 as an outlet for the music of Maxx MacRae, Kingston Kane has since evolved dramatically in sound.

Departing from our humble bedroom-indie beginnings of “The Forest of Gold” (which was largely recorded in a bedroom), 2021 saw a paradigm shift for us, as our latest album “In Red” displays themes of unrelenting internal conflict, existential dread, heartbreak, and madness, set to the sounds of hard rock, grunge, metal, and shoegaze.

2022 brings ever greater promise of new shows, melted faces, and possibly even new music.

Kick up your feet and relax in the court of Kane.

Maxx MacRae – Vocals, guitar, bass
John Lujan – Drums, vocals
Tom Messina – Guitar
Matt Muller – Bass

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